Our innovative insulation and sealing systems solve the thermal and acoustic challenges facing the world’s most important industries – automotive, aviation and power generation.

Full Service

The choice is yours! You decide whether you want to take advantage of our full service or whether you prefer to handle the assembly of our high temperature insulation systems yourself as your production needs develop.


ISOLITE GmbH in Ludwigshafen, Germany is one of the world’s most sought-after partners in a wide range of industry sectors. We offer our customers technologies and products to tackle thermal and acoustic challenges – worldwide.

Our Products

We are a world leading supplier of innovative, high-tech insulation systems in the 400°C to 1600°C high temperature range.
Our products retain heat, improve performance and reduce emissions.


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    Welcome to ISOLITE!

    Girls’ Day – looking to the future for girls On 26 April 2018, ISOLITE GmbH will be opening its doors at its Ludwigshafen headquarters to schoolgirls in Class 5 and above. As part of this year’s Girls’ Da...

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    Better thermal management

    Innovation in the hot end sector through intelligent insulating systems Every new emissions regulation presents car manufacturers and suppliers with major challenges. To reduce emissions, they are focusing increasingly...

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